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Adet IT Solutions is a human-guided, tech-powered provider of managed cybersecurity services. As a top cybersecurity service provider, we specialize in digital forensics incident response and proactive defense against cyberattacks. Additionally, our services include proactive threat detection, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and compromise assessments. By combining advanced technology with human expertise, we ensure your digital assets remain secure. Furthermore, our focus is on preventing breaches before they happen. Ultimately, the Adet IT Solutions team is dedicated to delivering top-notch cybersecurity solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Premier Cybersecurity
MSP Serving New York

At ADET IT SOLUTIONS, we offer specialized tech expertise tailored to your needs, whether your team is remote or on-site. Trust us with your NYC operations – we deliver custom cybersecurity solutions to secure your company’s success.



As a Cybersecurity Service Provider, we operate within the framework of industry governances without exposing your enterprise to potential risk.



Mitigate Risks of
Data Breaches

“By proactively pinpointing and managing your specific business data threats, you can mitigate risks before they happen.”


Application of
Industry Standards

Avoid penalties due to non-adherence by consequently incorporating industry-standard best practices.


Preparation for

Utilize audit-ready records to ensure your business stays ahead of any audit or compliance needs.


Business Productivity

Maintain business progression and protect future earnings by quickly reacting, solving problems, and ensuring your workforce has access to appropriate information when needed.


Customers Confidence

Bolster your brand’s reputation as a reliable, forward-thinking company by being underpinned by top-tier security systems.



Leverage adaptable & potent

security solutions.

As a cybersecurity service provider, Regardless of your security requirements‘ extent, Adet IT’s services are designed to incorporate the latest security technologies in the most adaptable and personalized manner.

Adet IT cybersecurity service
  • Product or Service Security Strategy
  • Actionable Security Roadmap tactically aligned with the Security Strategy
  • Training initiatives to boost Security Awareness throughout the enterprise
  • Improvements or definitions in software development lifecycle security strategy, tools, and processes
  • Privacy control review aimed at assessing GDPR compliance readiness, gap analysis, and subsequent steps determination (in line with ISO 27701)
  • Risk Evaluation with a report underlining prioritized risks within the evaluation’s scope and offering risk reduction recommendations
  • Assessments based on NIST, ISO, EIC, CIS CSC, FDA standards
  • Vulnerability Analysis to identify vulnerabilities, assess their impact, and suggest risk alleviation measures
  • Penetration Tests conducted by expert SMEs aimed at uncovering security weaknesses, exploitation efforts, assessing the significance of gaps, and proposing risk alleviation measures
  • Infrastructure & Architecture review with a report underlining prioritized risks within the scope covered by the review and suggesting risk alleviation measures
  • System fortification
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)
  • ISO 27017 (cloud services security)
  • ISO 27018 (privacy for cloud services)
  • ISO 22301 (business continuity)
  • ISO 27701 (privacy management)
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Bear in mind – Cybersecurity isn’t an expense, it’s a strategic investment.

An all-encompassing security and regulatory evaluation that fulfills these  aspects offers the greatest return on your investment. Additionally, our cybersecurity service provides security and compliance specialists will conduct a review of your design or existing solution, provide advice on how to mitigate security risks, and ensure adherence to standards and regulations such as the FDA or GDPR.


A profound understanding of Your Industry

Manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, Construction, etc. are spaces we can serve.


Broad coverage

of technology solutions such as AI, ML, IoT, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cloud, Big Data and more


Strong facilitation

and consultation skills


Very high-level communication skills

covering technical, managerial and executive levels

15 Things Hackers Don 't Want You To Know

The guide, “15 Things Hackers Don’t Want You to Know,” is a must-read for businesses seeking to enhance their cybersecurity. It offers actionable steps to defend against cyber threats, covering essential topics from password security to incident response plans. By downloading this concise guide, you equip yourself with practical strategies to safeguard your business in the increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats.