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Adet IT Solutions: Your IT Vanguard

As your trusted partner in Managed Service Provider (MSP) services, Adet IT Solutions leverages technology and human expertise to deliver comprehensive IT Support, IT Infrastructure Management, and Managed Security Services. Our capabilities span proactive cyber defenses, digital forensics, and rapid incident response, ensuring your enterprise is always one step ahead of cyber threats.

Tailored IT Solutions

With Adet IT Solutions, you get IT support designed for your specific needs, whether your team is working remotely or on-site. You can count on us. We’re here to bolster your success with customized IT solutions and cybersecurity strategies.



Work within your industry’s rules, while we shield your enterprise from any potential risks.


Defending Against
Data Breaches

Our proactive Managed IT Services identify and manage specific business data threats even before they strike.


Industry Standards

Dodge penalties through our thorough adherence to industry-standard best practices, an integral part of our IT Outsourcing and Co-Managed IT services.


Audit -Ready Support

Our comprehensive IT services maintain audit-ready records, ensuring your business is always prepared for any audit or compliance requirements.


Business Productivity

Experience uninterrupted business growth and safeguard your future earnings with our swift problem-solving, IT Infrastructure Management, and assurance of data accessibility when your workforce needs it.


Gaining Customers Trust

Enhance your brand’s credibility with our top-tier IT and cybersecurity solutions, showcasing your commitment to forward-thinking and reliable operations.



Benefit from our agile and robust

security solutions.

No matter how extensive your security needs are, Adet IT Solutions’ MSP services are tailored to incorporate the latest security technologies in the most flexible and personalized way.

Our comprehensive IT Support includes devising a Security Strategy for your product or service, creating an actionable Security Roadmap in line with this strategy, and implementing Training initiatives to enhance Security Awareness across your enterprise. We also contribute to improving or defining your software development lifecycle’s security strategy, tools, and processes.

Our managed security services include Privacy Control Review for GDPR compliance readiness, gap analysis, and defining subsequent steps (in accordance with ISO 27701). We also provide Risk Evaluation with reports highlighting prioritized risks within the scope of the evaluation, along with risk reduction recommendations. Our assessments are based on industry-leading standards like NIST, ISO, EIC, CIS CSC, and FDA.

We undertake Vulnerability Analysis to identify vulnerabilities, assess their impact, and recommend risk mitigation measures. Our expert SMEs conduct Penetration Tests to uncover security weaknesses, evaluate exploitation efforts, assess the severity of gaps, and propose risk mitigation measures. An Infrastructure & Architecture review is part of our IT Infrastructure Management, providing a report highlighting prioritized risks within the review’s scope and suggesting risk mitigation measures. We also offer System Fortification services as part of our offering.

  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)
  • ISO 27017 (cloud services security)
  • ISO 27018 (privacy for cloud services)
  • ISO 22301 (business continuity)
  • ISO 27701 (privacy management)



Remember, IT support is not an expense, it’s a strategic investment.

Opt for a comprehensive IT and security evaluation that covers these three aspects for the maximum return on your investment. Our team of IT and compliance specialists will review your existing solutions or designs, provide guidance on mitigating IT and cybersecurity risks, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations such as FDA and GDPR.


Deep Knowledge of the

IT market trends and dynamics in various industries including manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, and Construction.


Wide Range of Technology Solutions

including AI, ML, IoT, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cloud, Big Data, and more as part of our Enterprise IT and Remote IT services.


Exceptional Facilitation

and consultation skills


Superior Communication Skills

spanning technical, managerial, and executive levels, essential to our Managed and Co-Managed IT services.

15 Things Hackers Don 't Want You To Know

The guide, “15 Things Hackers Don’t Want You to Know,” is a must-read for businesses seeking to enhance their cybersecurity. It offers actionable steps to defend against cyber threats, covering essential topics from password security to incident response plans. By downloading this concise guide, you equip yourself with practical strategies to safeguard your business in the increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats.